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MCCF Scholarships


Thank you for your interest in scholarships! 的 MCC Foundation has more than $400,000 in student aid available for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Spring 2024 Semester Scholarship

的 MCC Foundation is offering a scholarship to help students who continue their education at MCC during the 2024 spring semester. 的 funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so you will want to apply soon! Funds used for this scholarship require that you live within the MCC service district (be in-district) or the Belding school district. If you are not sure, please call 989-328-1277 to verify. Award amounts will be based on the number of contact hours for which a student is registered and include: 6 to 8 contact hours – up to $500; 9-11 contact hours – up to $750; 12-14 contact hours - up to $900; 15+ contact hours - up to $1,200.


的 application for the Spring 2024 Semester Scholarship is open now. Click the link above to apply.

MCCF Montcalm Excellence Award Scholarship


MCCF endowed scholarships are packaged and awarded as MCCF Montcalm Excellence Awards to students based on the scholarship criteria. Scholarship applications are accepted year-round for the MCCF Montcalm Excellence Award Scholarships, with awards made three times per year. Awards would be applied to charges beginning Fall semester 2023. Maximum award is $1,100 for full time enrollment and may be renewed. Apply early for priority consideration. To be eligible for award, students must submit their MCC application and have their 2023-2024 FAFSA file completed.

View the complete list of MCCF endowed scholarships.


applications open Nov. 1的 applications for the MCCF Montcalm Excellence Award Scholarship will be available on Nov. 1.

MCC Pre-Graduation Homeschool Scholarship


的 MCC Pre-Graduation Homeschool Scholarship is available to homeschool students who are residents of Belding, Carson City, Central Montcalm, Greenville, 湖景镇的, Montabella, Tri County, or Vestaburg public school districts. Current homeschool students who meet the eligibility requirements, enroll in class(es), and complete this form will receive a scholarship for $500 toward their tuition and fees. Scholarship can be applied to fall or spring semester and can be awarded for a maximum of four semesters per person. Completed paper applications should be scanned and submitted to the Student Services department at


Apply NowApplications will be accepted while funds are still available. Scholarship funds will be awarded in the order they are received.

Dual Enrollment Scholarships


的 MCCF Dual Enrollment Summer Scholarship is available to students who are residents of Belding, Carson City, Central Montcalm, Greenville, 湖景镇的, Montabella, Tri-County, or Vestaburg public school districts and are interested in taking summer classes at MCC.  If you have questions about whether you are in-district for MCC, please contact Student Services at or (989) 328-1277.


的 MCCF Dual Enrollment Books Scholarship Fund awards scholarships for required course books and materials beyond the state’s per-student dual-enrollment allowance for any MCC dual-enrolled students in need of financial assistance. 

Michigan Achievement Scholarship

Beginning with the class of 2023, high school graduates will be eligible for up to $2,750 per year at Montcalm 社区 College through the Michigan Achievement Scholarship Program.


Eligibility begins by completing your FAFSA at or contact MCC’s Financial Aid Office at for FAFSA completion assistance.

  • NOTE: When completing your FAFSA, you must select a Michigan school in order to be eligible for this scholarship. 
Lisa Lund, MCC Executive Director for the MCC Foundation